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Flathead Lake from Somers, Montana. I get to swim here sometimes.

Flathead Lake from Somers, Montana. I get to swim here sometimes.

It has been a good May thus far out by Flathead Lake. The weather is finally starting to warm up. The flowers are getting planted. I’ve started getting my ridiculously tight short sleeve shirts out of the closet (don’t look at me that way, this is a triathlon blog and you know you have them too). Tis the season of change out here in Montana.

I am happy to say that my new mentality about training has paid off. If you remember, I have been having a problem with hitting the bottom of the mojo barrel. Things came to a head at the Grizzly Triathlon. What should have been a fun event turned into something like being at the dentist (cue Kenny G background music).It was after the race that I had an epiphany.

My wife, as always the beacon of clarity in my chaotic life, was the source of my mental change. After listening to me lament on my performance at the Grizz, she just smiled and asked if I enjoyed the race. I said no. Her response: “Then why do it?”

What she was getting at is the fact that I am not a pro triathlete. I never will be. My livelihood does not depend on my race outcomes. This is something I do for FUN. Sure, I want to do the best I can, but when training becomes more anxiety provoking than filing taxes when you’re the Cleveland Tea Party Association, an alteration of the mental landscape is in order. So, with that mindset, I basically just told myself I will train if I want to. If I can’t make all the paces or watts of the workout, fine. But I will try my best nevertheless.

So far, this has been working GREAT. Specifically, what this has resulted is in me not just constantly hammering myself or worrying myself into a knot about a pending workout. I am keeping most of my bike and run workouts on separate days. Swimming is now mostly working on form or endurance. Last week, I took two days off completely and just spent time with the family for once. Without the huge burden of grad school looming over me, this was incredibly rewarding.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still busting my balls. This Saturday, it was 6 miles with 600m and 1200m repeats at 6:40. Sunday was off: it was Mother’s Day and I have limits. Monday, I hit the bike for a painful TR session of “Gabb.”

Fullscreen capture 5152013 82002 PM

For whatever reason, the first few minutes got cut off when my computer died. Oh well. Tuesday was another run fest with 8X800 between 6:11-6:50.

Fullscreen capture 5152013 82404 PM

Fullscreen capture 5152013 82432 PM

Today was another lesson in mind of matter with TR Goethe: 4 X 10′ at FTP. Tomorrow, I will probably take off. Maybe doing some putzing around spinning on the bike for recovery. Or just hit some tee-ball with the kid. Who knows? Tomorrow is another day and another adventure. One day at a time.

This weekend, I will doing my first Peak Triathlon in Missoula. This is another sprint. So far, the weather looks better than it was at the Griz. Stay posted for more Contour +2 fun!

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  2. Your wife shows incredible wisdom! It is way to easy to get focused on what we hope to accomplish (our goals) that we forget we are really doing this for fun! The goals are the icing on the cake!

    I’m glad that she helped you find your mojo again!

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