TU: Keeping It Real

With how this last week felt, one would think that the Spring Meadow Triathlon consisted of being mauled by grizzly bear…wearing brass knuckles. The day after the race, I got in a swim and that felt great enough. However, like a new tattoo, the real pain started two days after. I went for a “run” and I almost died at a 9:45 pace. I tried to keep things going and I put in another 3 miles on Wed at 9:00; it was slightly better, but pretty miserable. Thursday, I started the day off early with a “recovery” ride on TR. It might as well have been Hell Hath No Fury.

Right after that, I got in a great open water swim at Foy’s Lake. It was my first time using the Garmin 910 in open water, and it worked liked a charm. I took it very easy as I was the slowest in our group of three, and my pace was decent enough, for me.

Beautiful Foys Lake

Beautiful Foys Lake

On Friday, it was another three miles at 9:00 pace. Unfortunately, at about two miles in, I almost passed out. Just went completely numb. I shook things off with some coffee and food and got in a decent 2000 yards of 100 yard repeats in the pool at around 1:34 pace.

By Friday, six days after the race, things were starting to feel like normal. I tested myself with 3X6 min at 105%. It wasn’t too painful, but still a challenge. It certainly felt a heck of a lot better than when I tripped on a rock on the subsequent three miler and sprained my left ankle.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 9.35.02 PM

Fortunately, with some ice and Ibuprofen, it calmed down enough that if I land even and don’t twist my foot at all, I can still get things done. Still, with the bum foot, I decided to take the kid out in the Chariot stroller behind the road bike. Yeah, I actually got the road bike out. It went pretty decent, except for the pain involved in twisting my cleat out of the pedal.

A great day out with the baby.

A great day out with the baby.


Today, I felt pretty decent (despite the bruising), so I decided to give it hell. I loaded up a 2X20 minute test on Trainer Road, gritted my teeth, and shouted intermittent obscenities that are likely legal in several states for 40 minutes. Pacing was nowhere near my best, but I kept the effort real and manageable. Here’s the damage.

New FTP of 230w.

New FTP of 230w.

With my haphazard training and with every TR ride feeling like an apocalypse, I knew I was looking at a decrease in my FTP from 235w. However, I am still pleased as I completely expected my watts to disappear faster than cell phone privacy. 230 watts is lower, but I look forward to putting in some good work with my new baseline.

Next on the agenda is getting in a good old vdot 5k test. Its been a while since I did that….and it certainly shows. It’s probably going to be both depressing and painful, but I need to know my vdot as I am starting training for a marathon finally.

Yeah, you heard me. Tell your friends hell has frozen over because I’m doing a marathon. I haven’t done a stand-alone marathon since before I started triathlon. My fastest time is like 4:25 or something. So in short, I also have never truly trained for a marathon outside of Ironman. In short, this is going to be a new, and hopefully rewarding, journey. Right now, I am just building up my running durability with running every day at a slow pace around 9:00. Once a week I’ll be throwing in some marathon pace long runs until about mid August. I’ve got one more sprint triathlon coming up in two weeks. After that, the meat of the training program starts and it’s all about running. Unless my ankle explodes again or something.

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