Top 10 Signs You’re a Triathlete Addicted to Social Media!

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As I was surfing the Instagram #triathlon feed the other day ago, it became amazingly clear to me how wired in our sport can be. Thanks to technology, we can post, share, and tweet anything from our latest Strava victory to our last road side GI disaster.  It’s hard to imagine the days without Facepalm and Twit-er broadcasting our endurance exploits to the pain of our family and non-tri (aka normal) friends. So, to celebrate a moment of self jest and mockery, I bring forth an update that finally isn’t about training: The Top Ten Signs You’re A Triathlete Addicted to Social Media! Yeah, you know who you are!

10. Over half of your photos have the word “PROOF” in the middle of it.

9. Your Mother asks who your friend “Garmin” is and why you spend so much time with him.

8. You read a triathlon blog by someone slower than your grandmother.

7. You have excessive guilt from sharing healthy paleo recipes while your hands are covered in bacon grease.

6. Your Facebook updates contain more numbers than letters.

5. You count 3 retweets by pro athletes as a “personal best.”

4. Your Facebook cover images all include timing clocks.

3. No matter how many workouts they add, your favorite feature of Trainer Road remains the “tweet” button.

2. You have 17 Instragram photos of your bike by that “oh-so-perfect-spot-by-the-river-that-no-one-has-ever-appreciated-but me” but only one of your family. At the end of an Ironman. Again with the word “PROOF” across your daughter’s head.

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