TU: What Have I Started?

Time for a quick update from the land of training. Otherwise known as painful pleasure at the moment.

Thanks to travel and cancellations, my last race for the season was this past weekend. Yes, I know I haven’t posted a report yet; it’s coming. Despite not being able to do two of my favorite races this year, the Polson and Whitefish Triathlons, I am okay with the short season as it is allowing me to transition into marathon training pretty much right on time.

For the past three weeks or so, I have bumped my mileage up to about 30 miles a week. It’s still pretty much a mixture of some tempo, some intervals, and long run, but I added a BUNCH of filler easy runs. Normally, I would call those junk miles, but I think my legs really have benefited from the durability the constant running has been producing. I’m also out running with the wife now, so I’m routinely getting in two runs daily.

Overall, my paces have seemed right on. I’m shooting for about a 3:30 marathon, which is nothing spectacular, but if I do it, that will be a roughly 50 minute PR!!! Today was the second long run of my plan, and despite the noodle legs from 4 miles and a 1:20 aerobic endurance ride yesterday, I was able to negative split and hover overall all at 8:47 pace. It took some concentration today, but I wouldn’t say I was dying by any means. My first long run, which was about two weeks ago, was ten miles right at 8:07, which is just above my anticipated marathon pace.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.57.11 PM

The increase in volume and frequency hasn’t been kind to my cycling though. I am still prepping for two half centuries, the Huckleberry 100 and the Chain Reaction Hops Relay, in six weeks, and this has proved to be as difficult as figuring out how to change tubulars for the first time.  For the last two years, I pretty much have been training for the 40kk TT, and stretching my legs out for the long haul again while running more is like double dipping with liquor and wine: NEVER FINE. Earlier this week, I was barely able to crank out .86 IF. Yet, I am still trying my hardest, and despite each ride ending in something that sounds like a dying elephant, I got in four rides in this week. I might need to be honest with myself though and dial down the intensity next week.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.56.00 PM

Swim is going well, but I need to hit the pool more. Only one swim this week. My swim at last weekend’s race came out well personally. Maybe it’s all the wetsuit. Maybe it’s my seemingly insane drafting skills. Either way, I’ll take it. I need some more formwork, and luckily, I know some crazy fast people to help me out soon. Time for a lesson.

Overall, despite the increased time and pain, its been a real pleasure to get out and let loose more. Since Arizona in 2011, I feel like I have been losing the endurance aspect of triathlon. It’s great to feel the pain, fatigue, and quiet lonesome of those long runs in the morning. The only downside is I need some new running shoes pronto. Im getting a repetitive blister on my left pinky toe and its starting to look something like Marilyn Manson in a hot tub (think white and soggy.) Time to cash in at Trisports. 

And speaking of last weekend…..

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