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Its been a pretty good week of running since finishing up the Huckleberry 100. First main workout this week were a 10X4 min with 3 @ 8:00 pace and 1 @ 7:45. Second workout was an eight mile hill session. Each of those went surprisingly well. Hills have definitely been feeling better with the increased running. And so far, no signs of injury. In between those, I have been putting my usual 4-5 mile recovery runs. About 40 miles total for the week.

I also finally “winterized” my bike by attaching it back to the trainer. I christened that with my go to ride on TrainerRoad, Goethe:

Liking the new TrainerRoad website.

Liking the new TrainerRoad website.

Not too shabby. But it was definitely like pedaling through molasses for the first interval. Cadence was way low. It will take some time to get the legs back up to speed.

As we you all know now, I have finally been reunited with my Garmin 910xt. So for this week’s long run, I was determined to get as far away from the track as possible. Of course, the duties of a family with 4 children are unrelenting, so I began today’s run at a crispy 4:50 am, a time I call the “red light district” thanks to the flashing light on my hip. It was about 42 degrees, but the cold didn’t matter much under the beauty of the half moon and the brilliant star filled sky. While it may be getting colder and darker these days, I am loving it as I get to enjoy running under the stars longer each weekend.

Pace was a little off at start. I also have noticed that my choice of socks really affects how my blister prone toes feel. I am going to have start investigating good running socks rather than just using whatever I can find at Target. So, with some sock adjustments and a few HEED sips, my pace overall was a little slower at 8:05. At least I was able to bring in the faster miles at the end. And to boot, I got done before anyone else was awake. Just me, a cup of coffee, a bagel, and my playstation.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.46.16 AM

I think I can finally say I have reached that point when I actually feel I can show up for the marathon. Yes, I signed up long ago, but there are always those first few weeks when the uncertainty of training and injury keeps toeing the line a gamble. But, I think it’s time to make some hotel reservations. In other news, I am finally signed up for Ironman Boise 70.3. That one is on the back burner for now. Okay, back to stalking Ironman Lake Tahoe. BRRRRR!

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