The King returns.

The King returns.

About 7 weeks to go, and I am feeling pretty good about this marathon thing. I guess I actually have to show up now that I have booked my hotel rooms. December can’t get here fast enough! Training has been going pretty well, but I am certainly feeling it in my legs this week. It might also have something to do with me breaking in my new Newton Gravity shoes. Just maybe. In any case, my right hip and left achilles are feeling more “alive” than ever.

Here’s the breakdown for the week.

Monday Run: 13 miles, 8:08  pace.Swim: 1500y of repeats
Tuesday Swim: 1500y of repeats
Wed Run: 8 mile hill run.
Thursday Run: 8 mile fartlek between 7:40-8:45Swim: Swim: 1500y of repeatsRide: 1 hour recovery ride
Friday Run: 4.5 mile of recovery 8:20-9:20Swim: Swim: 1200y of repeats
Saturday Rest day
Sunday 18 mile long run 8:06 pace.

As you can see, I have basically restarted swimming from scratch and the riding is in the back seat. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to get in my usually 4X10 at around FTP, but I’m cool with that.

Pacing for the long run seems to be going okay.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 11.35.59 AM

I hope I’ll pick up those extra few seconds being rested. Today was a little slower also because this morning was like running on the dark side of the moon….of Jupiter. My headlight helped some but didn’t stop me from re-twisting my left ankle on a rock at mile 17. Nor did it help navigating the trails at the park. But, I’m walking so I’ll take it.

This week got to end with something new and fun. For the first time, Kalispell held one of those popular color runs in honor of Breast Cancer. And as it happened, I had the perfect white outfit to wear…..

photo 1

Even better, my oldest daughter wanted to run as well. It almost made me cry when she insisted on doing the three miles rather than the 1.5; that’s  my girl. We had a great time supporting a great cause. And it was a blast to run in something with no concern again for the time. Hopefully I can feel that way in December.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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