How to Have an Ironman Party for 20$

Fun repost from last year.


If you’re like me, your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (don’t pretend you don’t use it hipster) is just full of pics from all the festivities leading up to the Ironman World Championship this Saturday. If you are further like me, you are just sick with envy. Envious of not being part of the party. Envious of that sub 10 hour Ironman finish. Envious of just being awesome.

Well fear not comrades. The day can still be ours yet! We are triathletes for crying out loud and we know that if we can’t earn something we can at least pose and buy in!

Fortunately, my solution to savoring is much less expensive than a set of Zipp Flaming Ceramic Crest oh-everyone-else-has-them-so-I must-oh eights. This ticket to the show is only going to cost 20 dollars. Ladies and gents, I now present how to have your own Kona Ironman Party for 20…

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About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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