Espresso and frozen yogurt. Must be race training season.

Espresso and frozen yogurt. Must be race training season.

Today has been one of those days that calls for a cold IPA. And it’s only 1:00 PM. Once again, I write a blog post on the verge of slipping into dreamland, so this is going to be short. Really…I mean it this time!

Life outside the world of triathlon has been relatively forgiving this week. Thanks to a great staff at work, I have been able to keep my head above water in the clinic.

In regards to training, my head is about three feet under the surface; literally at some times. First up, I have been racking up the swim effort and yards. I got in one of my fastest 1000y TT’s this week; I came in at roughly 15:39. It is looking like I will be at my usual swim level by the time of the Grizzly Triathlon on April 19. I am somewhat excited to see how much faster I can get if I actually swam consistently, you know…like a real swimmer.

Run has been going well. I did the usual mix of threshold and tempo. I got my hill workout in again, as well as some V02. On Thursday morning, I did my first outdoor long run sine the Seattle Marathon. Coming off sore legs (see below), I started the run hurting worse than James Franco’s twitter feed. I considered bailing, but I figured that the pain I was feeling was perfect training for the Ironman run. I kept at it, and sure enough, things sped up. I always negative split my long runs in an attempt to simulate the pain at the end of a long triathlon. Here is how it panned out:

Capture 1

Not too shabby, especially for a run illuminated primarily by a headlamp and dotted with puddles that could have counted as the swim leg of a sprint.

And for the riding. Well, let me take a sip of my homebrewed Pliny the Elder clone first. Ok. This week’s cycling was a test of my legs and eyes. Trainer Road is certainly kicking my ass, but I am happy to say that I survived yet another week of their half-ironman plan. Total riding for this week was 8 hours. There was some V02.

Capture 3

Some FTP work.


And then the week culminated in two three hour rides back to back. I had the luxury of doing my Saturday ride in the afternoon that day. Unfortunately, that meant I had to start the second three hour ride less than 12 hours later. Let’s just say that I was not a very happy camper when I hopped on the bike at 0500 this AM, having only squeezed in four hours of sleep. With this situation, I gave myself the luxury of dialing the intensity down to 95%.



To top things off, my lucky streak on Amazon Prime has apparently ended. This week, I ended up watching some movies that seemed better suited for the MST3K Satellite of Love rather than the silver screen. Ender’s Game couldn’t have ended soon enough. I didn’t even make it through Riddick. I almost committed seppuku on my bike while watching 47 Ronin. It wasn’t all bad; I got to enjoy Spaceballs for free at least.

Fortunately this next week is looking lighter. Time for a run and swim week it seems. For now, all I want to train on is my couch.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Back to back 3 hour rides 12 hours apart indoors? You ARE the MAN! – Ted

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