Tapering To The Limit

Two weeks to go until Boise and its now officially taper time. I say officially because things already started winding down volume wise last week. But after today things get real simple in the training plan: stay loose and healthy.

After a rough recovery period following last weekend’s race and race rehearsal, things have started shaping up. Thanks to divine intervention by Mother Nature, I got out on the bike three times this week. THREE! Things are feeling better with each ride, and I will be ready for the road by race day. Run has picked up again after the tough three miles of the race rehearsal. Started the week out with a slow three miles on Wed. On Friday, I got in an AM ride and then I followed that with a five mile run with 2 miles at tempo. Then on Saturday it was time for the last longish run in the plan. It was my typical routine: start conservative, hold a comfortable pace, and then book it. Here is how it went:


This was a great run for me. Perhaps not so much for the distance, but for my confidence. For once, I am actually excited about running in a race again.

To top off the holiday weekend, I got in a recovery 40 miles with my buddies on a windless, sunny day here in the valley. And to really cap the training off, we ended the ride with growlers from Bonsai Brewing and way too many grilled hotdogs on my deck. DIVINE.

Recovery drinks from Bonsai Brewery in Whitefish, MT. ESB and Single Hop Imperial IPA

Recovery drinks from Bonsai Brewery in Whitefish, MT. ESB and Single Hop Imperial IPA

So, now it’s time to truly recover. For the next two weeks, I’ll be eating healthy, laying off the alcohol completely, and washing my hands furiously. I’m going into this race with the most intricate game plan I have ever developed for a race. Hopefully the intricacy won’t prove to be an example for Murphy’s Law. For the swim, I am simply going to concentrate on surviving and staying in form. For the bike, I have my watts dialed in for each segment of the route and programmed into my Garmin.



& plotting.

& plotting.

Nutrition is dialed in as well. In my past big races, I have not taken in enough nutrition during the bike; I have fixed that problem this time around. Overall, my only goal is to have a solid race and at least be faster than my Calgary 2010 time of 5:49.

Weather wise, things are looking quite freakishly warm. I can only pray that race day brings beautiful weather. Time will tell. For now, I’m off to pack and repack several hundred times.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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