The Last Brick

Courtesy of Steam Foundations

Courtesy of Steam Foundations

It’s now officially one week until Boise 70.3, and that means that today was time for my last hurrah of any form of real training. The week leading up to today has been pretty good as a taper. I started off the week with an easy three mile run. I followed that the next day with 3X3 min intervals on the bike and 2X1 miles at threshold on the treadmill. Oddly enough, that left me pretty sore for some reason. I was able to bounce back pretty and I got a good recovery ride followed by two miles of run in on Friday. After that, I went in to pre-race nutrition simulation mode: I pretty much ate exactly how I plan to eat leading up to the race next week.

For breakfast, I had coffee, a large oatmeal, and 2 hard boiled eggs. I sipped some HEED all the way until about lunch, which consisted of a Hammer bar. About 15 minute prior to my scheduled start time, I took in a sip of HEED and another gel.

No swim to start today’s mini race rehearsal. Instead, I got in two easy run miles with the wife. Then it was on the bike for a little over an hour at about the effort I hope to have on race day: IF .85. Here is how that played out:


I was “racing” today, but still not with that edge that comes with race day adrenaline. Plus, there were plenty of stops and traffic to deal with. My IF was right on the mark at .85. Average speed was under goal at 19.3 but I chalk that up to the climbing and some of the stops.

After the ride, it was a true brick, complete with running dismount, into the running shoes. I ran my anticipated game plan of two easy miles and then hitting the gas. Here’s the data:


Now don’t get too freaked out about mile four. I forgot to bring my nutrition outside for the run, so I had to run back into the house and grab everything. Overall, things felt great. Unfortunately, I felt bloated, and I am chalking this up to the Hammer Perpetuem. I think this will be the last time I use it. The bloating and gas made for quite an awkward run around my neighborhood as I kept farting like I was trying to inflate a dirigible with my ass. Oh well; at least I didn’t have to use one of the construction porta potties. At mile 5 I took a sip of Coke to see if that still does the trick for calming down my gut. I’m happy to say that a sip of good old red treats me just right! Last mile came in feeling relatively good.

Weather wise, things are looking great…so far….


Keep your fingers crossed; a day of terrible wind can make for some epic suffering in Boise. For the next seven days I just need to stay loose , try my best not to get sick or injured in anyway, and to boost my mojo with cool videos, like such:

Stay tuned if you want to follow my exciting adventure this week!

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