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I’m Back

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Thought I was done did you? Nope, I just finally took a long break from anything training. I’ve soiled my triathlon oats with many a fatty food and malted beverage over the past two months. There have been gluttonous nights with 10 hours of sleep. Books were read that did not involve running. I carb loaded just because. But that hiatus is done. It’s time to re-baptize this body with sweat. I’m back. Today, I started riding again officially. I fired up the good old Trainer Road Sweet Spot plan, my usual go to plan for the fall. It looked a little something like this.


It didn’t feel too bad, especially compared to the pain that was the acting in Spiderman 2 (I watched it while riding, but I digress.) I’ve kept up running and swimming as best as I can. In fact, running is going strong. I ramped things up a bit and I’m putting out a weekly long run of 13-16 mi just for the heck of it. Swimming has been an utter catastrophe lately, most completely summarized by this pic of my pool:

Wow, that swim today left me really sore....

Wow, that swim today left me really sore…(spring cleaning time for the pool)

Now, I can’t say that I have been a total slouch. I did show up for the local Mike Spence Triathlon this year. Despite all the travel, I still managed to PR my run. It was a beautiful sunny day, and best yet, the family got to cheer me on.

One of my favorite pics of me and my oldest son.

One of my favorite pics of me and my oldest son.

There is probably one question on everyone’s mind at this point: What is Ironvan back for? To be completely honest with you, I don’t have a clue. Since I finished Boise, life has certainly been turned upside down like a triathlete drafting a leaking oil truck in the rain. This past July, somehow I convinced myself that it would be okay to go back to residency and school again. So, I am now back in the land of classes, lectures, tests, and overall incredible suffering. I still have my job in Montana; I commute to UPenn for residency. On top of that, I am travelling at least one week out of the month. That plus my steadily growing kids, with their steadily growing number of swimming lessons, skiing lessons, and fighting with other lessons has left my plate this year looking like its 2.99 night at Golden Corral.


So, there are no big surprises here. No Ironmans on the calendar on a whim. No epic adventures to some crazy expensive triathlon in a salt mine under an active volcano….at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. I’m back to training now because training is fun. Training gives me a daily game to play that doesn’t involve sitting on my couch. And like a bowl of Metamucil topped with prunes, training gives a structure and consistency to my day that makes all the work, school and family hurdles more manageable. So I guess when I think about it, I train to live.

A pic that summarizes the last two months of my life.

A pic that summarizes the last two months of my life.

So who knows what 2015 holds in store. Certainly, there will be some triathlons throw in. Maybe some long run events. I’d like to get my feet wet on the trails some….hopefully while not being eaten by a grizzly bear. The only thing I know about my future racing is that there is no start or finish line. Just miles of road, plenty of socks, great company, yummy food and drink, and superb health. And for now, that’s everything I could hope for.

PS: I’m not quitting. 🙂

Onward I go.

Onward I go.

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