OK Corralled

Ok. So I am now changing the focus of this blog to knitting. It’s been a chilly fall here and I’ve replaced my passion for yards to yarns.

Ok. I jest. I think this gap officially marks the longest gap I’ve ever had between posts. I’ve got the same suspects as usual for thinning my diary: residency, work, travel, training, and family. Honestly, this is the busiest I have ever been in my life, and I’m still feeling lucky to get any exercise in let alone a training program going.

Take this week for example. This week I was out in Oklahoma City for some cool training by the FAA. Per my usual protocol, I checked out the important facts before I left: running trails and places for fine local craft beer. Google revealed a wonderful 7 mile long running trail along the river about three blocks from my aiport. Check. Craft beer joint where I could try the appropriately named F5 IPA from COOP brewery. Check. So off I went to OK, ready to get some epic long running in before the Philadelphia marathon.

Some of the fun spatial disorientation devices at the FAA. By fun I mean HURRRRLLLLLL!

Some of the fun spatial disorientation devices at the FAA. By fun I mean HURRRRLLLLLL!

Of course, best laid plans are no match for viruses. Halfway to OK I started getting fevers and chills. By the time I got to my hotel, which was shut down due to a fire alarm, I was in full on meltdown mode. Body aches, chills, cough, runny nose. Fortunately no bleeding from my orifices. But alas, instead of spending my days frolicking among aviation experts and along the river, I spent my time either coughing up a lung in a lecture hall or sleeping in my room.

To make matters worse, the hotel had no store, so I had to make a special trip to get any cold meds. Moreover, the hotel was in what I call a “food desert.” My only choices for calories were either the hotel cafe or endless choices of TGIF variants. I digress, but here is my lunch order of chili with a side of fried mushrooms:

Lunch at Short'y Smalls in Oklahoma City, where they do heart disease right!

Lunch at Shorty Small’s in Oklahoma City, where they do heart disease right!

I did manage to squeak in a hot bikram 11.5 miles on the treadmill, in a balmy 78 degree exercise room, after I first arrived. I figured maybe I could sweat the cold out. Bad move apparently. So essentially, I have been taking a long break from any exercise for the past five days while shoving my mouth with a variety of fried foods.

Fortunately, after one cancelled flight and a brief overnight in Denver, I’m on my way back to Montana and back to being an athlete.

Thanks to this impromptu training run a few weeks ago, I decided to sign up for the Philly Marathon.


I’ve got about three weeks to go. For this baby, and my only goal is to show up. Seriously. Training wise, I got my last long run in yesterday. It went  much better than that random 26.2, but my legs are pretty pissed at me today.


Thanks to the Mary, riding has tapered down but only some. Frankly, I find that getting on the trainer for an hour or two, even if just at 80-85%, keeps my legs loose and moving better.

Swimming has been more fun lately. One of the recent highlights I had was trying out the UPENN Pottuck pool last time I was in Philly. Nothing more beautiful than long distance lap lane. Unfortunately, they put the barrier back up before I could try it out; I’m going to have to plan my next trip better.

UPENN Pottruck's glorious pool!

UPENN Pottruck’s glorious pool!

Alright, time to get my house ready for the winter onslaught. It came late this year, but it’s arriving in style!

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