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Testing My Stomach’s Endurance

There is that show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Well, after today I may just start believing it. Today, I went for what I will call a six mile jog in Philly. In shorts. With a sleeveless technical shirt on. And no, this wasn’t some sort of new training experiment where you try to freeze your limbs off. It was a high of 72 today. In December!!


Ironically, the warmer weather brought out a ton of people to the Philadelphia Christmas Village. All sorts….

With the warm temps, I couldn’t resist getting outside for a run. The treadmill and I have had only a lukewarm relationship this year. I was so desperate in fact that I ignored that heavy brick in my stomach that was comprised of three fish tacos and a Dark Horse 4 Elf (meh…) I called lunch.

To cut to the chase, yeah that was a really bad idea. One mile in and I was huffing and ready to recycle lunch into an appetizer. So instead of hitting the paces, I just jogged around like a tourist. Of course, with my hotel being near the art museum and having just abused my family by watching Rocky, I headed over to the steps again.

2015-12-12 23.37.03-01

Yo Rocky!

Despite playing the tug of war that is near puke inducing nausea, it was an enjoyable 6 miles in Philly and along the river. It has been too long.

Overall, my life has been a roller coaster of emotion. On Wed, there was a whole two hours on an airplane where I thought I had failed a HUGE certification exam that I have been training for in Philly for the last two years. Turn outs, it was a computer glitch. A computer glitch!!! Anyhow, while it is great to be on the complete other side of the chasm (ie I passed with flying colors), my brain has been through one hell of a ride over the past few days. Fortunately, now my life can return to some normalcy, consisting of working, loving, learning, and training in a different flavor. Time for a new chapter in life.

In anticipation of this week, I have been ramping things up for triathlon again. Got in a few good rides up to two hours this week. Long run is up to 8. Even sought out the local gym for a swim. I went to a place called Sweat Fitness; you get free access by being a guest at the very cool and well located Le Meridien in Philly. (Seriously, check this place out. Clean, chic design, and great food and drink in the lobby) The gym has a pretty unique setup. Very tight, but something charming about the urban feel of it. The pool was a therapy pool and the bobbing thermometer confirmed what I felt when I jumped in….a balmy 85 degrees. Plus the shallow end was shallow enough for a kid to stand up in and pee into the wind. At least I got to practice exiting a swim onto a beach.


It had water and walls…it will do.

Okay, back to Montana and reality tomorrow!



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