Judging from the number of hits this page has, either everyone wants to know more about who I am or they are trying to figure out where I live so they can end this mess I call a blog. In any case, I have decided that maybe a more thorough introduction is warranted.
My name is Greg and I’m a southern Asian Twinkie (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) raised in the super small town of South Hill, Virginia. This is where I began my infatuation with cycling. How I didn’t get shot while cruising the back roads beats me.

Typical evening in South Hill, VA.

It was a desire to accumulate as many student loans as possible that finally led me away home. First I headed to upstate New York for college at Cornell University.

Ithaca, NY during the summer.

After surviving the Ithaca winters, I headed back down south to Richmond, Virginia for med school and residency. As of November of 2009, I have been a proud resident of Kalispell, Montana.

While I rode a lot when I was in high school, I had pretty much given up cycling from college on. By the end of med school, I wasn’t exercising at all and I had started packing on the pounds faster than the British Economy.

Me graduating from med school.

Around the same time, my brother was shedding pounds as he was getting ready for the 2007 Ironman in Kona. It didn’t take much convincing to get me to tag along. I even had a chance to volunteer in the medical tent.

It would be an understatement to say that watching the Ironman in person was incredibly inspiring. I knew then I wanted to be an Ironman. So, when I got home, I just started running, swimming, and biking from scratch: 9-10 miles of running a week, 2 -4 laps a swimming a day, and 20-30 minutes of indoor cycling. At first, each workout was grueling, but I just kept telling myself, “well at least I didn’t have to ride 112 miles before this.” The Ironman had put everything into perspective.

With a lot of determination, time management, and a really supportive spouse, I found myself finishing the 2009 IM CDA in just under 14 hours. Somehow, over the course of 2.5 years, I had gone from couch potato to an Ironman finisher. This transformation has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and one I hope many others can one day experience.
Now, with any luck, I can go from finisher to competitor. This is where my blog begins.

  1. Greg,

    I am so impressed with what you’ve done! Thanks for stopping by my blog; I’m grateful to have been introduced to yours.

    On a tough run, I often think the same thing: “At least I didn’t have to bike 112 miles before this!” I’ll admit that my dream is to do the Ironman one day.

    You’ll be on my Google reader. Good to sort of meet you!

    • Hi! Thanks for the reply. You site makes me so hungry. I will have to try out some of your recipes for sure. Thanks again for dropping by and I’ll be sure to add yours to my reader also! Best of luck on the road!

  2. Not personally. Australia right?

  3. You said “potato couch” 😀

    I’m really glad you came by my site.. which led me to come to yours. I’m at the point in my education where either I need to be taking these extra prerequisites that aren’t part of kinesiology if I’m going to pursue med school. And I’m sure you and everyone else would agree – if you don’t need to take two semesters of O-chem.. don’t.

    I’ve shadowed a lot this year which has been super helpful. I’ve also had a mentor who is in his third year right now. I’ve been starting to lean towards PT or PA school at this point… any words of wisdom from you?

    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Great blog site. Dr. Risser recommended it to me and I see why. Such a shame when you left St. Francis. Good luck on your IM training. I’m doing IMTX this May..assuming my body holds together.

    • Greetings! Glad you enjoyed my site. I hope all is well in Virginia; we are now getting our fair share of snow out here. Texas looks like it will be a great venue this year indeed. Best of luck and stay in touch!

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