For all those praying for a way to make through a few more minutes on the trainer or treadmill, I bring you a buffet of visual motivation, humor, and good old confusion. You can just watch my entire playlist, or look to the categories below. Soon as I figure it out, I will have my playlist actually on this page, but for now, use the links below or above. Bon apetit!

  1. I got one to add to the list. They have the entire live coverage of the 2011 Ironman Hawaii on Universal’s website for free. That is like 11 hours of coverage.

    Thomas Gerlach
    Professional Triathlete

    Save 10% at with Coupon Code “TGER-S”

    • Awesome, but I hope I never need 11 hours of material for the trainer. Thanks for reminding me though; I do need to update the theater. Thanks again for stopping by!

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