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Raising the Bar With Trainer Road: New FTP 225w

Big day here in Montana for this triathlete. After a good 5 weeks of the Trainer Road early build plan, today was the day to test my functional threshold power again. As luck would have it, TR just added a 2X20 FTP test workout with instructions. I have never used the shorter eight or twenty minute tests before. Personally, I like the pain of the 40 minute test….well at least afterwards. I will also say that I find the 2X20 test pretty accurate. Here’s the data from Trainer Road.

I skipped over that clearing interval at the beginning as I wasn't having any problems pacing and time was short.


Based on this data, my new FTP is 224, six watts up from 5 weeks ago. But here’s the rub…check out my Garmin/WKO data for the same ride:

Hmmm..the plot thickens.

Based on this range, which was set by me actually pushing the lap button at the beginning and end of the test, my new FTP is 226. So I have decided to just meet in the middle and say my new FTP is 225w. This gives me a seven watt increase for five weeks, and a w/kg of 3.65. While a seven watt difference seems small, its plenty for me. My watts have always moved slowly, so an increase by 3.2% works for me. What’s even better is that this new FTP is my highest ever.

Needless to say, I am pretty happy with the TR plan and workouts so far. This test was also the best paced one I have ever done. I really liked the prompts the computer gave me to micromanage my pace. I have never felt better after one these than today. I felt so great in fact that I still got in my recovery run of two miles @ 8:24 and 8:07. I followed that by an easy 1000y swim at 16:54 with a 200y cool down.

In short, training is going great. I’m really excited to see how far I can go with Trainer Road. The T6P Strides of March run challenge is going awesome as well. I’m currently have 14 days of straight running in the bag and I’m feeling good. No knee pain. Form coming along finally. And just think….my guys and I have still have the April Pools challenge coming up….

Pain Cave Placebo: Video of the Week

Missed it last week. Sorry. I was stuck under a boulder. Taking a little break from the cycling vids. This one should appeal to the movie buffs out there. You know that last interval of a workout? That interval that is a combination of anger, extreme pain, and elation. Yeah, this is for that last minute.

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