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OK Corralled

Ok. So I am now changing the focus of this blog to knitting. It’s been a chilly fall here and I’ve replaced my passion for yards to yarns.

Ok. I jest. I think this gap officially marks the longest gap I’ve ever had between posts. I’ve got the same suspects as usual for thinning my diary: residency, work, travel, training, and family. Honestly, this is the busiest I have ever been in my life, and I’m still feeling lucky to get any exercise in let alone a training program going.

Take this week for example. This week I was out in Oklahoma City for some cool training by the FAA. Per my usual protocol, I checked out the important facts before I left: running trails and places for fine local craft beer. Google revealed a wonderful 7 mile long running trail along the river about three blocks from my aiport. Check. Craft beer joint where I could try the appropriately named F5 IPA from COOP brewery. Check. So off I went to OK, ready to get some epic long running in before the Philadelphia marathon.

Some of the fun spatial disorientation devices at the FAA. By fun I mean HURRRRLLLLLL!

Some of the fun spatial disorientation devices at the FAA. By fun I mean HURRRRLLLLLL!

Of course, best laid plans are no match for viruses. Halfway to OK I started getting fevers and chills. By the time I got to my hotel, which was shut down due to a fire alarm, I was in full on meltdown mode. Body aches, chills, cough, runny nose. Fortunately no bleeding from my orifices. But alas, instead of spending my days frolicking among aviation experts and along the river, I spent my time either coughing up a lung in a lecture hall or sleeping in my room.

To make matters worse, the hotel had no store, so I had to make a special trip to get any cold meds. Moreover, the hotel was in what I call a “food desert.” My only choices for calories were either the hotel cafe or endless choices of TGIF variants. I digress, but here is my lunch order of chili with a side of fried mushrooms:

Lunch at Short'y Smalls in Oklahoma City, where they do heart disease right!

Lunch at Shorty Small’s in Oklahoma City, where they do heart disease right!

I did manage to squeak in a hot bikram 11.5 miles on the treadmill, in a balmy 78 degree exercise room, after I first arrived. I figured maybe I could sweat the cold out. Bad move apparently. So essentially, I have been taking a long break from any exercise for the past five days while shoving my mouth with a variety of fried foods.

Fortunately, after one cancelled flight and a brief overnight in Denver, I’m on my way back to Montana and back to being an athlete.

Thanks to this impromptu training run a few weeks ago, I decided to sign up for the Philly Marathon.


I’ve got about three weeks to go. For this baby, and my only goal is to show up. Seriously. Training wise, I got my last long run in yesterday. It went  much better than that random 26.2, but my legs are pretty pissed at me today.


Thanks to the Mary, riding has tapered down but only some. Frankly, I find that getting on the trainer for an hour or two, even if just at 80-85%, keeps my legs loose and moving better.

Swimming has been more fun lately. One of the recent highlights I had was trying out the UPENN Pottuck pool last time I was in Philly. Nothing more beautiful than long distance lap lane. Unfortunately, they put the barrier back up before I could try it out; I’m going to have to plan my next trip better.

UPENN Pottruck's glorious pool!

UPENN Pottruck’s glorious pool!

Alright, time to get my house ready for the winter onslaught. It came late this year, but it’s arriving in style!

The Seattle Marathon Race Report: Beware Gingerbread Man

I'm right behind you!

I’m right behind you!

Now that I finally am lying on the couch with my recovery socks and a beer, it is time to briefly recount the torture that was today’s Seattle Amica Marathon. Please, snuggle up and share my pain with me.

Pre-Race Summary

After having a bonk on the treadmill a few weeks ago, I decided to actually try carb loading prior to today’s race. Nothing drastic: I just focused on carbs for the last three days. Things were a little tough to swallow yesterday when I took in 1500 extra calories in carbs. Thank God for bagels and baguettes.

Despite being in a hotel room just off Pike St, I got a whopping eight hours of sleep, even with the little one. I woke rested, got dressed, and caught the Monorail from Westlake to the race start by the Space Needle.

After kicking my feet up in the Armory for a good 30 minutes, I lined up. My fastest marathon before this was 4:28 at the Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon in 2008. At that time, I barely understood what a marathon was. So lining up at the front of the race with the 3:40 pacer was certainly a new and nerve racking experience.  After a few minutes of warming up, off we went, luckily without a rain drop in sight.


Off we go, and all I focus on is my coach saying “don’t go out too fast.” Naturally, my first few tenths were  too fast, and I dialed it back down. Weather wise, it was amazingly warm yet very, very windy. I actually was way too warm zipped up in my long sleeve running shirt, gloves, and hat. Fortunately, I felt perfect with it unzipped and my sleeves rolled up. As I rounded 4.5 miles, my watch was telling me that I was way off in regards to pace. This caused a certain amount of panic. I couldn’t tell if running through tunnels and underpasses had thrown my data off, but at least the pace calculations seem decent. In any case, I sped up a little. In retrospect, I was actually right on track per the official results. I came through 4.5 miles at 7:51 pace.

Coming across the 90 bridge in the wind was difficult, but luckily I found some big dudes to hide behind. As we turned south towards Seward Park, my legs were feeling good and I settled into my pace.  Data from the Garmin had my clicking off miles around 7:55 and this coincides with the official results. I passed 8.1 miles at 7:59 pace. As I made my way through Seward Park, my legs starting to complain a little, but nothing out of the norm. At  13.1 miles, I was somewhat shocked to see that I was right on pace per the race clock, especially since the volunteer shouted times had me behind pace.

It was about mile 14 that problems started to arise. Never once in my long training runs did I have any problems with my quads or knees. So of course, today, I started getting a lot of pain and cramps in my quads, left and right. At roughly 16, I was really hurting, so much so that I started wondering how I would get home if I pulled the plug on the race. But, thanks to a gel and some Gatorade, I found some new energy, and my pace seemed to pick up.

Briefly, at least. Things seem to get worse and worse, and by the time I reached 20, I was really hurting. At about this time, a few random events occurred to essentially squash any adrenaline I had stored up in my legs. First, the hills started. Second, the 3:35 pace group passed me. How this is possible, especially since I was on pace still at mile 20 by the official results, I can’t figure out. Cramps in the quads were leaving me walking on downhills. And to top all that off, the gingerbread man that was stalking me for TEN MILES finally passed me. Yes, I endured ten miles of people shouting “good jo….oh look a gingerbread man!” Tough times, but apparently that is how the cookie crumbles.

So needless to say, the last 6 miles was pretty much exactly like the end of an Ironman marathon for me. 11 min plus pace, frequent walking, and mentally telling myself that every step is one close to an IPA. The last 6 were a total disaster.

In the end, I came in way off goal at 3:49.30. I was on pace all the way to mile 20:00 and then disaster struck.

Synopsis: 3:49:30, 39 minute marathon PR, 10 minute half marathon PR, 65/206 AG, 405/1338 males, and 505/2106 Overall.

While certainly a fail as a race day, it was a learning experience. Judging by the way my legs felt (there were literally times that I asked myself while the hell I do these type of things to myself in the last miles), I need more dexterity. I need more training runs in that zone of complete hell endurance wise.

That being said, there were many victories. I didn’t bonk. I had energy; I just couldn’t tolerate the pain in my legs. Second, I ran a PR for both my half marathon and marathon races. Overall, it looks like a lot of people had problems as I still placed ok.

In the spirit of my medical background, I think I will rate this race using a self-invented score system. Behold the Van Race Scale:

Packet Picked Up Without Problems 1/1 point
No money spent at expo 1/1 point
Successfully started race 1/1 point
On pace at half 2/2 points
On pace at 20 miles 2/2 points
Finished at goal pace 0/5 points
No puking 1/1 point
No GI issues 1/1 point
No crapping my tights 1/1 point
No porta potty stop 1/1 point
No falls 1/1 point
No walking 0/2 points

17 points = Epic day         16-10 = Learning experience       <10 WTF!

Seattle Marathon score = 10

I want to thank my real and virtual friends for all their support; your comments really do make a difference. Hopefully, I will be back next year for a better time. However, for now, it’s time for real vacation, great craft beer, and thinking about BOISE. At least I feel comfortable with my half performance.

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